Welcome to The Queen's Firm! We are excited to have you among our membership.

Now that you've joined us, we're sure you're wonder what to do next. Here are 3 ways for you to make the most out of your membership with The Queen's Firm!


The best way to keep up with The Queen's Firm is by joining our Facebook page. There you'll find news, event details, polls, and more. Also follow on us out on Twitter, and Instagram. Following us helps us with sponsorships for The Queen's Firm, media access, and shows your support for #MLS2CLT! 



The Queen's Firm is a grassroots effort to show support for #MLS2CLT! You're excited about Major League Soccer in the Queen City, now tell your friends, family, co-workers; tell everyone!

One of the biggest things we have found getting the word out about #MLS2CLT is we have a lot of MLS fans in the region, they just need a group to get behind. So tell everyone you know about The Queen's Firm. You might be surprised who is ready to sing in the stands with you!


We are a volunteer organization and we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. We need help with things ranging from event organization to tifo construction and many things in between. We also offer opportunities to lend a hand with worthy causes in the Charlotte community. Keep a look out for those!

Volunteering is a great way to support the organization and meet new people. We can always find a spot for your skills. Contact to get plugged in, and look for emails, and posts on The Queen's Firm Member Facebook Group for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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